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Winbox, a one stop entertainment app strives to offer a wide variety of innovative and different themed games to satisfy players’ needs and wants. With its thoughtfully simple features yet advanced technology designed to enable its players to access the game with no hassle. Since Winbox was officially launched in 2018, Winbox has become one of the leading online casinos in Southeast Asia. More than 10,000 games are available in one app that are developed by top notch game providers, not merely to ensure players’ satisfaction towards multiple game selection but also unprecedented gaming experience. As an international leading online casino platform, Winbox has world-class game information experts, helpful and experienced customer service team, professional marketing and state-of-the-art technical team to ensure a safe gaming environment. Winbox ensures their players are able to be in touch with the customer service at almost all times as the live chat support operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to players’ inquiries.

What is Winbox

Winbox is a trusted multi-functional gaming site in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. They provide all sorts of games which include but are not limited to slot games, live casino, sport betting, and lottery – all could be found in one single site or app. They positioned themselves as a user-friendly online gaming platform and sportsbook that aimed to provide a one stop entertainment app. It strives to offer a wide variety of innovative and different themed games, and to be one of those sites that has been part and parcel of online gaming in Asia.

Winbox Online Casino partners with branded live casinos such as Asia Gaming, Play Tech, Big Gaming, etc. They also host some of the best slot games such as 918Kiss, LionKing, Lucky365, JILI, Ekor, Kingmaker, JDB Slots, E1 Sports, AE Sexy and more. Another popular theme that is loved by the bettors are poker games which allow players to play against one another. Leaving aside the traditional games, they provide players a 4D betting platform with the highest daily prizes, as well as place bets on sports and esports games. There are a lot of markets to wager on, ranging from football, NBA, baseball, hockey, horse racing, and other major sports. Most importantly, Winbox ensures fairness and safety to each of the games in order to retain and value the players.

Winbox Maintenance

Winbox understands the importance of platform maintenance in order to ensure themselves as a trustable platform that values gameplay fairness and players information. The technical team promotes regular updates to fix any bugs in the system to ensure the game speed is run faster and smoother compared to other platforms. Winbox also guarantees its players are able to complete their transaction activities within a shorter time range even within a second.

How many games available in Winbox:

There are more than 2,000 games accessible on Winbox. It falls into 5 big categories which includes slot games, live casino, sport betting, lottery 4D and fishing games.

Slot Games 
Most played category amongst all, it is also a comparably easy-to-learn game. Most player’s favorite slot games on Winbox would definitely be Lion King, Lucky365, 918Kiss, and JILI. However, there are many more that players could choose from.

Live Casino Games
Live casino game specifically there is AE Sexy, AG, BG, SA Gaming, SV388 and PlayTech available on Winbox. Players can play their favorite baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker and sci-bo in a virtual casino which aims to create the real gambling experience. This is the “fairest game” as the dealers are random computer software to prevent from being hacked, therefore the games are fair.

Sport Betting
There is a comprehensive list of Sport Betting options available on Winbox to wager on in Maxbet, such as SBOBET, CMD368 and more. Bettors are able to wager on the best betting odds for all kinds of sports as well as the uptrend esports games. Regular sports ranging from football, NBA, baseball, hockey, horse racing, and others. Winbox are one of the reputable bookies for the worldwide exciting events, World Cup, Premier lEague and more. There will be live score updates available on Winbox to keep players posted.

4D Lottery
One of the biggest market shares for gambling in Malaysia would be the EKOR 4D lottery and yet it is also available on Winbox! Some of the examples would be Magnum 4D, ToTo 4D, Damacai, Sarawak, Sabah and Cashsweep. Bettors stand a chance to win some of the biggest jackpots that could be up to millions MYR. Randomly pick a lucky number from 0000 to 9999, then wait for it to be announced. There will be different categories of placement that represent different weights of prize money according to the player’s bet. Besides that there are also 5D, 6D and daily lottery (Lucky Hari Hari Lottery) available in Winbox that bettors do not need to wait till Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday to win up to 150,000 MYR everyday.

Fishing Games
If you are looking for a skilled based betting game instead of regular luck based casino games, you may want to look for fishing games. People would name this category as fishing arcade as it requires one to stay focused on the screen and aim to catch as many ocean creatures as possible within a given time frame. This is an extremely high reward game and good for earning if players are able to hit on the fishes in lesser bullet used or strategic moves. Players could win higher prizes if they increase their bet amount. Over here on Winbox, the most popular game for fishing would be 918Kiss.

How to download Winbox

As mentioned, Winbox does not only have a web based online casino, they also implemented a mobile application that players are able to access to games easier and faster. As developed by the top-notch software developers, the app is safe and secured to download. It is available on Android and iOS devices, here are the steps to download it:

For Android user:
Step 1: Instead of going to ‘Play Store’, visit our website
Step 2: Click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Click Here to Download’, it will lead you to click on ‘Download Android’ APK version.
Step 3: Click ‘OK’ to proceed with download and install.
Step 4: Go to phone’s ‘Settings’ to allow ‘Apps Permission’ in order to complete the installation of Winbox APK on an Android phone.

For iOS user:
Step 1: Visit ‘App Store’ to download an app called ‘TestFlight’. Once it is done, open the app.
Step 2: Visit our website
Step 3: Click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Click Here to Download’, it will lead you to click on ‘Download Apple IOS’ APK version.
Step 4: Click ‘OK’ to proceed with download and install.
Step 5: Go to phone’s ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Profile and Manage Devices’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Trust’ to allow the installation.

How to register Winbox Account

Just like any other mobile application or online video games, a user will be asked to create an account on Winbox before being able to start playing and earning. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on registration.

Step 1: Referrer QR Code. In order to proceed with registration, one is required to scan a registration prompt QR code that can be found in the Winbox’s website or any friends’ player QR code.
Step 2: Registration Information. Set a unique User ID composed of letters and numbers, and set a password with a minimum of 6 characters that contains letters and numbers. Enter once again and click on the confirm button.
Step 3: Verification. Enter a mobile number or email address to tie to your account. Request and key in the OTP that was sent over within 4 minutes to avoid expiry.
Step 4: Click on the ‘User agreement’ checkbox in order to proceed with ‘OK’. Users are reminded to read and agree with the agreement. Your account has been set!

How to deposit fund into Winbox

Players are able to deposit a fund into the Winbox app themselves without having to go through any third party. There are two approaches to choose from: bank transfer method or instant top-up method.

Bank Transfer Method
Step 1: Go to ‘Me’ > ‘Tools’ > ‘Top up / Withdraw’ > ‘Top Up (Bank Transfer)’
Step 2: Key in an amount between 20.00 to 20,000.00
Step 3: Select a bank for deposit
Step 4: Check on the ‘I have read & agree’ checkbox
Step 5: Send the balance to the corresponding bank account and save the receipt
Step 6: Click on the blank column and upload the receipt
Step 7: You are almost done, just be patience and wait for the approval from the app

Instant Transfer Method
Step 1: Go to ‘Me’ > ‘Tools’ > ‘Top up / Withdraw’ > ‘Instant top up’
Step 2: Select a bank for deposit
Step 3: Key in an amount between 20.00 to 10,000.00
Step 4: Enter your bank username and password within a given time
Step 5: Submit the OTP that will be sent to you via SMS by the bank
Step 6: Reload from your bank should be successful by now

Is Winbox safe

Before someone could trust in and start playing at any online casino platforms, one should find out whether the site is trustable – is it scammer? Winbox Malaysia is doubtlessly safe and dependable. They have gotten gaming licenses and all sorts of verification from regulatory bodies such as PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement, and Gaming Corporation. They are the body which assures operators are safe, fair and legit.

Moreover, Winbox activated 24-hour Backend Support and Monitoring in order to strengthen player’s data protection to ensure a safe environment for players to gamble online. Whereas for any transaction activities regardless of deposit or withdrawal, they guarantee players with no shady transaction as Winbox only partners with reputable and reliable banking institutions. In other words, any transaction activities are totally safe and timely. Therefore, Winbox is absolutely safe to gambling with.

What is so good about Winbox

Online casino platforms are all over the net, but what is so special about Winbox? Winbox satisfies all the doubts and needs people may have towards an online casino site. It is one of the most reputable online casinos in Malaysia and even in Southeast Asia. Not merely because it is trustworthy that they have been secured and fully regulated by the trustable regulators, they also assure clear and easy operations when it comes to any transaction related activities.

Moreover, they have the highest rebate bonus compared to the rest. Players are able to get rebate offers and unlimited bonuses and promotions. They introduce attractive rewards and rebates every month to appreciate the existing members and also to attract new registration. Referral system that they implemented enables players to become a referrer to their friends. Referrers get to enjoy rebates during the game and earn commission rewards off downline players.

If a player ever encounters problems or needs to talk to the customer service crew, the personnel is reachable via any medium. Regardless of the website live chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, even through email. The customer service crew operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer queries.

How to claim Winbox free credit

Free credits are techniques frequently used in the casino industry aiming to retain and encourage players to play and stand a chance to win greater money. Apparently it is the best way to attract new gamers to the market as they do not spend a penny from their pocket to gamble. Nevertheless, they could make use of the free credit to try their luck and skill in winning incredible real cash payouts.

Same goes to Winbox, they offer new members to claim for some free credits worth up to RM10 with no deposit requirement needed. All you have to do is sign up for a new account on the Winbox app using the referral QR code, and contact the customer service crew to claim your free credits.

Other than that, Winbox also introduces different exciting promotions and bonuses every month. The recent one would be RM20 free credits on every RM20 deposit top-up! In short, players reload RM20 and get RM40 in total. This can be entitled once per day. Again, just reach out to Winbox via social media platforms or Winbox’s website to claim it.

What devices does WINBOX support?

Most of the mobile devices, laptops and desktops are compatible with Winbox apps and h5 version. All the Android and iOS devices are supported devices because Winbox apps are designed to adapt on different screen configurations. Winbox apps are user friendly and easy to navigate even for the beginners. To ensure the players have an ultimate gaming experience, all the gaming screens are fully optimized and seamless. The images resources and UI layouts are adjusted to the right sizes and resolutions according to the device requirements to make sure the apps are running smoothly. Winbox APK download version is complete and independent that can support all the devices with different pixel densities, device features, platform versions. Besides that, the Winbox h5 version is available now! It is developed to allow people access to Winbox mobile web without downloading the application. You can discover all the games in Winbox with just a mobile website now.

Why should you join as a WINBOX agent?

Winbox offers affiliate programs to the members as the members only get paid by the sales that they bring in. Winbox operational cost is fully supported by Winbox headquarters and the affiliates only required to pay for their own marketing cost. Therefore, the risk is lower because payments are only made for actual conversion. The agents can always scale up their business within their own budget. The agents will also get high returns if their marketing strategies are right without other concerns.

What is the WINBOX affiliate program?

The Winbox Affiliate program is a partnership Winbox established with interested parties or stakeholders to market our services using our website URL links. This can be described as an ‘agent’ or ‘spokesperson’ who understands the company (Winbox) and promotes it to earn a money bonus commission that could be incredibly high. In return for being an affiliate, Winbox shall pay a commission – normally in state of the percentage of net profit they generate and contribute for Winbox.

An affiliate party will promote Winbox with their own ways, own team, own mediums and network platforms and as well recruit more members or downline players. An affiliate party will create creative contents or plans revolving around the Winbox company in order to target the right audience and generate traffic. It is common that there are more than one affiliates working for Winbox and certainly the greater one could be able to bring more value to Winbox, the more the resources they will be granted by Winbox.

How to become a WINBOX agent?

To develop affiliate marketing in Winbox, it is pretty simple. All the newly joined members in Winbox will automatically become Winbox agents. They can think of all alternative ways to direct the traffic from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels to get conversion with their affiliates. As long as the new members access Winbox apps with their affiliate code, top up and play the games, then they can earn their commission for their referral fees with Winbox affiliate marketing.


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