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It is not surprising that more and more people are opting to play their casino games online rather than travel to a casino in today’s era of quick gratification and technology. Online casinos are becoming more and more well-liked for a number of factors, including how convenient it is to play from home. Players who seek privacy would be able to enjoy their total gaming experience with absence of observers, plus the rush of a cash prize, which is thrilling and appealing to many people. All being said contributes to the rise of many different online casinos to choose from. 

Winbox online casino has rapidly become one of Malaysia’s favorite locations to play online slot games, live table games, fishing games, and many more thanks to an abundance of promotions, bonuses, events, tournaments, and special cashback. As Winbox strives to only partner with the best game providers in town, thus their partnership with Play8 is a natural fit.

Although Play8 is not the most well-known online casino software supplier in the Malaysian online casino industry, they are the most recommended supplier when it comes to reputable online casino brands on the internet. This is due to the high quality of their content, service, and many other aspects of their business. In addition, Play8 offering online slot games with 100+ different themes and fishing games to all their players. 

Play8 is a brand that truly stands out from the competition when it comes to mobile gaming, mobile optimization, casinos designed for use outside, easy access, and user-friendly navigational properties. This is due to the fact that they have crafted a mobile gaming experience that is both intuitive and smooth, and that they are committed to bringing it to all online casino fans in Malaysia through a collaboration with Winbox online casino. Play8’s online slot games have a reputation for being of a consistently high quality and offering players a high level of entertainment value, which is why Winbox online casino players enjoy them so much.

Overall Ratings

  • Trust Fairness: PLAY8 is a new online casino platform, but it has high technology and a secure system to protect user’s privacy. 
  • Games: PLAY8 online casino offers a lot of high graphic and quality casino games to the players including Slots and Fishing Games. 
  • Bonuses: Winbox offers a variety of bonuses and promotions to the players who play PLAY8 casino at Winbox application, such as Welcome Bonus, Daily Spin Bonus, and Turnover Bonus. 
  • Customer Support: Winbox online casino offer PLAY8 casino to the players. So, they can contact the customer support service at any time through Live Chat, WhatsApp and Telegram. 

PLAY8 Basic Information 

  • Website:
  • Games: Slot Games, Fishing Games
  • License: PAGCOR
  • Support: Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Currencies: MYR
  • Languages: Chinese, English, Malay

Safety and Security 

As Winbox strives to provide only the best environment to its supporters, security issues are one main focus when it comes to its partnership with brands. Play8 is considered safe and reliable that players are trustable to wager or play on this platform.

Data provided by players is encrypted in the safe data bank of Winbox so that it will not be exposed to any third parties without being authorized by players. The latest firewall and encryption system implemented here would ensure players only the best game experience yet is safe.

To maintain its status as a reputable Malaysian online casino, Winbox advocates and enact integrity throughout all processes. It is relatively important as it enables players to place bets and enjoy their game time without worrying about anything including security, so that players are also allowed to claim their winning prizes without any hassle or help from going through a third party. With that, Winbox together with Play8 adhere to these terms with utmost seriousness to provide a fair gaming environment.

Bonuses and Promotions

As Play8 is a partner with one of the most well-known online casino platforms in Malaysia, Winbox not only offers a vast selection of casino games, but also provides its players with a wide array of interesting promotions and bonus offers. Rewards for participating in these contests and promotions may be awarded in a variety of ways, including but not limited to in-app credit or cashback. New Winbox users are eligible for a variety of attractive bonus programs that Play8 and other game providers can put to use in their favorite games. Below we will discuss some of the most exciting examples of Winbox’s promotions.

[WELCOME BONUS] – 100% Top Up Bonus
Winbox provides new users who have just joined with a welcome bonus, similar to other online casino platforms. Winbox will give a user 100% top up bonus, when they first sign up for an account as long as they make their initial deposit of minimum RM20. You can use the game credits to play Play8 and other Winbox-affiliated games.

[DAILY SPIN BONUS] – Deposit RM30 get 1 spin that up to RM50 free credit everyday 
Winbox also offers a daily bonus that they call the “Daily Spin Bonus”. It is a lucky draw incentive that every RM30 Winbox gives players a free spin that they stand to win up to RM50 free credit without daily limit. In other words, those who make RM300 deposits daily, are able to spin 10 times per day. The minimum free credit that players can get is RM5.

[SLOT GAME TURNOVER BONUS] – Deposit RM20 get spin for free credit 
Another kind of great promotion depends mainly on players’ turnover. Players are offered one free spin for every 3000 turnover amount they achieved in a day. The greatest amount of bonus comes with the spin could be up to RM50! The few terms and conditions that Winbox would like to make clear to their players is that except for winnings of at least RM100, players are not permitted to withdraw the bonus credit.

Available Games


  • Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef is a famous slot game, based in a reef populated with familiar sea creatures. You are accompanied by others as you float through the still, silent depths of the ocean. In the deep, blue tummy of the ocean, sea creatures of all sizes surround you, stunning you with their beauty and grace. But you can’t see them because they’re too far down.

These sea creatures have left cryptic messages in the form of letters and numbers strewn across the reef. Matching the floating digits is rewarding you with the payline of the game that comes with the possibility of multiplying your stake by 250 times if you combine five identical symbols. Once you begin pairing the animals, though, the game takes on a whole other dimension. Tips to gain higher prize in Dolphin Reef: utilize all available paylines, always look for free spins and scatters, and maximize your bet when you notice that you are winning a fair amount. 

  • Super Lucky Cat 

Super Lucky Cat is a 3 reels and 5 rows slot game that has such a meaning that the three lucky kitties come with good fortune and waving at you. With any luck, you’ll run upon the three brothers and transform into a golden lucky cat, opening the door to untold riches. 

Similar to any other slot games, Super Lucky Cat comes with wild symbols and scatter symbols. The kitty is a wild symbol that can be used in place of any other symbol. The prize is doubled when a wild symbol occurs in a winning combination to substitute for other symbols. The scatter symbol is playing left to right and right to left on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost or rightmost reel to maximize players’ pay. For each betting line in each direction, only the highest win is paid out. All winning payline combinations (both left-to-right and right-to-left) are paid according to the line bet multiplier.

  • Jin Qian Wa 

If you have ever wanted to explore the culture of Chinese, you must not miss Jin Qian Wa. A 3X5 reels slot game, Jin Qian Wa offers more Far East symbols, including a toad with a red ruby in its mouth, a gold turtle, ivory elephant and green dragon. There is also a white and black yin/yang symbol, a wild symbol with Chinese lettering, and a number of high card icons with Chinese style writing.

Jin Qian Wa is a wild symbol that can replace symbols other than scatter symbols. When more than 3 scatter symbols appear at any position of the wheel, you can get 8 free games. In free games, the possibility of more wild symbols will appear is higher. Eventually, free games can bring additional free games again to players.


  • Ocean King 2

Fishing games, often known as fish shooting games, are not as common as slot games at virtual casinos, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less entertaining. Unlike in a traditional casino, with a fishing game the player actually gets to take part in the action, making it much more exciting than spinning the reels of an online slot game.

Ocean King is Play8’s only fishing game. For the best possible reward in a competitive fishing game, you’ll need to catch and kill more fish than your opponent. The point of the game is to reel in more rare fish than your opponent in order to rack up more points and cash in. Catching some of the following sea creatures will eventually trigger different exciting gains, such as Bomb Crab, Drill Crab, Laser Crab, Roulette Crab, and Thunder Dragon. Catching a Laser Crab will gain you one shot for a laser beam in a given timeframe. Like Roulette Crab, would trigger a spinning wheel game that could gain high prize, whereas catching the Thunder Dragon will help you to summon a large amount of dragons to attack all fishes in the field and may have a chance to multiply the wins.

Fast, exciting gameplay that requires quick thinking, coordination, and skill more than makes up for the game’s simplistic premise. In addition, the game’s display features high-definition graphics and excellent 3D animations, creating a breathtaking underwater setting. 

Pro and Cons 


  • Nice interface, easy to use features

Play8 places a significant amount of importance on being very user-friendly in terms of its interface. The visuals of the app, while appealing, are not overly complicated. It is of the utmost importance for novices to be able to easily navigate the app, particularly when it comes to an online casino platform that contains their money. The site’s overall design and layout have been given careful consideration in order to provide players with an enjoyable gaming experience. 

  • Excellent slot games provider

As we all know that Play8 is totally doing their best in slot games. Not only by providing a wide variety of slot games with different themes and payouts, but constantly developing innovative slot games so that slot game lovers would never get bored about it. 

  • High level of security 

When choosing a location for online gambling, the level of protection provided by the casino should also be one of your top priorities. With Play8 and Winbox here we have a dependable security system that keeps everyone safe. Each and every transaction is processed through a reliable payment gateway. The secure firewall, encryption system and security system that requires two different forms of authentication are utilized in order to further protect the information and privacy of the players. 


  • Live casino games not available 

Play8 does not provide any real-time table casino games, which are necessary for providing an engaging gaming experience and are something a player at an online casino could look for. An experienced bettor, even if they are more interested in slot games or fishing, may want to give themselves a break from these games and go for live casino games in search of interactive games. 

  • Sportsbook service not available 

As sports betting is not available here, sports bettors may not find the platform to be one with which they can identify. It should not come as a surprise to you that an online gambling organization may make a significant amount of money only from sports betting. There are some of Play8’s rivals that are performing very well and contributing a significant portion of their company’s profits in providing sportsbook service, which is one of the overlooked features of Play8. 

Payment Methods 

When it comes to the methods that may be used to make payments, Winbox provides its users with a wide number of options to choose from. It offers a varied selection of payment ways to cater to clients from all over the world, some of which are compatible with the preferences of customers in Malaysia. 

Winbox takes a novel strategy that enables users to quickly top off their accounts using a wide variety of financial institutions, automated teller machines (ATMs), instant transfers, e-wallets, and other payment methods that are functionally equivalent to one another. Available banks included but not limited to RHB, Public Bank, AmBank, CIMB, and MayBank. These are the very common ones in Malaysia.

Due to the fact that the organization caters to customers all over the world, there is a great deal of flexibility with regard to the payment options that are available. In addition, Winbox makes use of a very comprehensive security system that protects all passwords and also follows a rigorous system for the protection of sensitive and vital data. This ensures that neither the passwords nor the data can be compromised.

Customer Support 

The great majority of online gaming platforms and casinos include a customer support department in their operations. Due to the fact that these establishments are visited on a daily basis by thousands of customers or even more, it is not unusual for them to have well-developed support systems. 

Complaints are practically unavoidable, and there is a plethora of other services, such as questioning and inquiring about Winbox, for which the only people who can respond are those who provide established customer support. In other words, the only people who can answer your questions are those who provide customer support. It’s possible that you have questions regarding how to become a VIP, how to make deposits, how to take advantage of special deals and incentives, and other similar topics.

It is common knowledge that Winbox offers customer service that ranks among the very best in the industry. The team is continuously active in their interactions with customers and always performs to its best potential. They are reachable via live chat, making it one of the most significant channels of communication between users and Winbox, regardless of the inquiries or questions you may have. Addition to that, customers could contact the customer support unit using the following social media platforms: WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and a great many others.

How To Register PLAY8 

Users are required to first have an account with Winbox in order to access and enjoy all of the games that are available on Play8. Signing up for an account at the Winbox online casino is a quick and painless process. In order to successfully log into one’s account, the following steps need to be followed. 

The first step is to go to the Winbox online casino site using a browser or the Winbox online casino app, both of which are available for users to download via the official app download platform that is offered by Winbox. After that, navigate to the Login and Register section of the site. From that point on, all you need to do to make an account for the Winbox online casino is provide your details. Every user of Winbox who has an active account with the online casino has unrestricted access to each and every game, promotion, sports betting service, lottery service, and every other kind of content that can be found at the Winbox online casino.

How To Download PLAY8 

The partnership between Winbox and Play8, not only the firms themselves, but also the players will gain. Downloading the Winbox app is the only thing that is required of us in order to gain access to games offered by Play8 and more than 20 different online casinos. This makes playing our favorite online casino games much simpler. Because this is such a compelling argument, we ought to install the Winbox software on our mobile devices so that we can play these games whenever and wherever we choose. 

Although players are able to access the Winbox mobile version via their mobile devices without having to download the app could be one of the options, however, in order to have full access and launch all the games available on the platform including games on Play8, it is always ideal to download the app via Winbox official website. To get started, go to the Winbox website and check for the version that is compatible with the operating system that is currently installed on your phone. You can choose to look for an Android or iOS version. In order to finish the download process, users will be asked to go into the settings of their phone and select the option to enable any program to be installed on their device. Then it will be done in a few seconds. 

Final Thoughts 

Play8 is definitely one of the new prominent online casino platforms that is taking the world by storm. When it comes to the importance of an online platform’s mobile optimization, accessibility and user-friendly navigation, they are dominant and stand out from the competition. The fact that the online slot games offered by Play8 are known for having a reputation for being of a consistently high quality and for providing players with a high level of entertainment value explains why Winbox online casino players enjoy them to such a great extent. 

Aside from the fact that it brings money making opportunities, they also value the quality of game presentation that players would eventually feel enjoyable and never tire of. Each of their masterpieces created comes in the intention to best satisfy all needs from the globe towards gaming especially the theme of game. With the convenience of the Winbox payment system and exciting promotions they give back to the players from time to time, it multiplies the happiness of gamers. Therefore, the collaboration between them and Winbox makes online casinos much more easier and fun.  


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