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Big Gaming (BG)

Introduction to bg

Big Gaming is a trusted name in the gaming industry, offering high-quality gaming products to customers in Asia. As an affiliate of Winbox, Big Gaming is committed to providing safe and reliable gaming solutions that meet the needs of players. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Big Gaming offers a range of white-label services, including poker games and international, composite white-labeling. Additionally, their native-app anti-hijacking feature ensures the security of players’ accounts. Trust in Big Gaming for all your online gaming needs.

It is quickly rising to prominence as one of Asia’s most promising online casinos. The betting platform prioritizes the creation of high-quality games over the provision of a large quantity of games. All kinds of gameplay that players look for in a casino can be found here. Besides that, the betting website’s layout makes quick work of page jumping, and evaluating the various games is a breeze. As a result, the betting website’s rising profile makes perfect sense.

Overall Ratings

Big Gaming Overall Ratings

Trust Fairness: 

Big Gaming is known for its trustworthy and fair gaming products and services. This ensures that players can fully enjoy their games without concerns of prejudice or inequitable treatment. 


Big Gaming boasts an extensive collection of popular casino games, including baccarat, roulette, sic bo, dragon tiger, and much more. 


As an affiliate of Big Gaming, Winbox provides various promotions, including a welcome bonus with a 100% top-up bonus, spin bonus, and turnover bonus to enhance players’ gaming experience. 

Overall Player Experience: 

Players can expect an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience with Big Gaming, thanks to their wide range of high-quality games and reliable systems, ensuring a smooth and seamless gameplay. 

Tips and Strategies

Big Gaming Tips and Strategies

When it comes to playing Big Gaming casino games like Baccarat and Win Three Cards, strategy is key. Before placing your bets, make sure to fully grasp the rules of the game. Proper bankroll management is also crucial to avoid overspending. Be on the lookout for any bonuses or promotions the casino offers to maximize your winnings. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the game and have fun while you play. By practicing these techniques, you can raise your chances of winning at Big Gaming’s well-liked online casino platform. 


As stated, Big Gaming is notable for its live casino table games. Baccarat, one of the major games in this genre, could be strategically played and win decent money. Players are advised that tie bets are relatively risky, unfamiliar players are much more likely to lose money than winning. Since the pay is 8:1, it’s true that the payouts are the biggest. However, based on statistics, if a player tries to win on a tie bet, they are less likely to win.

Important notice about it is betting on big and small are not allowed after 31 rounds have been played in a single card shoe. Betting minimums and maximums are established at each individual table. Betting is permitted up to the player’s own limit and the table’s playtype bet limit. The system’s readability of individual cards during a hand is contingent on a number of factors; if the system fails to recognise a card, the dealer will scan it again until it is recognised (if the system is still unable to read the card, the current round will be canceled and all bets will be returned).

Win Three Cards: 

One of the most-used strategies when it comes to Win Three Cards is the “Queen-6-4” combination. It is simple to remember and use, when your hand cards are better than a Q-6-4, raise it. Other than that, you fold. It is because this is the line where your chance of winning goes up above 51%. So, if you have a hand like this, you have the upper hand. Some players also make the play bet when they have a hand with a Queen-7 or higher, no matter what their third card is. Never raise your bet when you are losing – this is called negative progression. Besides that, betting minimums and maximums are established for each individual table. The total of the table’s play type bet limit and the player’s own bet limit is what they can wager.  

Basic Information

Big Gaming Basic Information

  • Website: 
  • Games: Baccarat, Roulette, SicBo, Win 3 Cards, Multiplay
  • License: PAGCOR
  • Support: Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Currencies: MYR
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Malay

History of Big Gaming

History of Big Gaming

Big Gaming (Dayou), also known simply as BG, is currently the most successful online gaming product provider in Asia. They offer products from well-known brands that are of the highest quality, are completely risk-free, and run on a reliable platform. At our trusted Big Gaming Live Casino in Malaysia, we provide an extensive selection of API products, which include both classic and unique versions of popular games like Baccarat, Roulette, Sic bo, Dragon Tiger, Bull Bull, Win 3 Cards, Multiplay, Fishing Master, and more.

They are able to seize the opportunity and win the market thanks to the industry-leading products and stable systems that they provide. Although Malaysian online casinos initially emerged as a means of financial security for the world’s most affluent people, they quickly gained popularity among the general population. The rise in popularity is probably attributable to the fact that playing online casinos is, in comparison to actual casinos, a great deal more alluring and captivating than traditional casinos. Over the course of the past few years, online casinos have garnered an incredible reputation. By playing casino games online, you can experience the excitement of gambling without the requirement of leaving your residence. With just a few clicks, you can access a wide variety of games from anywhere and at any time, making it a convenient and enjoyable experience. 

BG Gaming provides various avenues through which users can participate in the trusted live casino games. In addition, it only cooperates with reputable online casino platforms such as Winbox, and players can rest assured to play their favorite games provided by BG on these third-party cooperative platforms.

Safety and Security

Big gaming safety and security

Proving that your private information and gaming activities are absolutely safe is paramount when choosing which gaming provider or online casino to visit. If proper security measures are not taken, online gamers are vulnerable to having their personal information stolen or misused, which can have serious consequences for their reputations. It’s important to choose reputable online casinos with advanced security systems to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information. Because of this, safety and security are fundamental aspects that must be present in order to have a gaming experience that is not only enjoyable but also satisfying.

Visit Winbox or Big Gaming with confidence as Winbox only works with trusted game providers like Big Gaming. Since the platform serves countless visitors every day, it implements strict security protocols to protect itself from cybercriminals. It is safeguarded by a number of different security protocols and also makes use of a random number generator (RNG). The extra precautions that have been taken to protect the confidentiality of the players’ personal information are of the highest possible standard. This is why Big Gaming has earned the trust of so many people.

Aside from that, Winbox itself is extremely safe, and it provides a powerful and reliable system that incorporates multiple protocols. They frequently alter both their algorithms and their passwords in order to thwart hackers and other forms of cyberattack. It is not possible to hack into their system. That ensures an additional layer of safety for everyone involved.

Last but not least, by obtaining one of the most important gaming licenses, Winbox has been inspected and certified by PAGCOR, an Asian online casino certification body established in the Philippines. Winbox is one example of a reputable online casino brand that displays its licence prominently on the landing page of its website or app. As a result of this, Winbox has announced that they are a reputable brand in the industry now that they have obtained PAGCOR online casino certification.

Available Games

Available games of Big Gaming

  • Baccarat

One of the games that has been played for the longest time and is still popular in casinos all over the world. It is notably well-liked by high-stakes gamblers from Asia and other regions. Although it’s not difficult to play, the game is nonetheless tense and exciting. Players can place bets on a variety of various wagers, including player, banker, tie, pair, perfect pair, and others. 

  • Multicolour Baccarat 

The game is based on the classic version of baccarat, but it innovates by using coloured cards in addition to the usual white cards to play games. It also features various cards and fascinating games. In the conventional form of play, the unnecessary cards are eliminated, and additional white cards are added to the original four colour cards. This creates more variety and opportunities for colourful baccarat by expanding the number of card combinations available. 

  • SicBo

One of the ancient Chinese legendary games involves betting on “big” and “small” to make a guess based on the number of points on the dice or the point total of the gamble. A wide variety of betting options and attractive odds are two things that are extremely popular among gamers. The participants’ goal is to avoid landing on the same point total with all three dice, and their wagers will reflect this. The chips are distributed over the several betting grids, and during the allotted time for betting, you are free to place your wagers on any of the grids. 

  • Roulette

European style single zero roulette. On the wheel, there are 37 different numbered and coloured compartments. In the ranges 11–18 and 29–35, even numbers are represented by the colour red and odd numbers by black. Bets can be placed in the game on a single number, a range of numbers, the colour red or black, or on whether the number is odd or even. In addition, players can choose to place bets on whether the number is odd or even. 

  • Win Three Cards 

A well-known traditional card game in China; to play it, you’ll need a standard deck of playing cards, except the joker. The players compare the combined value of the three cards currently in their possession. The playing method is straightforward and easy to grasp for anyone. Bets can be placed in this game on a variety of special card kinds, including dragons, phoenixes, and others. Participants have a chance to win by betting on which one is larger or the type of card it is. 

Bonuses and Promotions

Big Gaming Bonuses and Promotions

[WELCOME BONUS] – 100% Top Up Bonus

Bonuses and promotions may vary by platform. However, as one of Big Gaming’s biggest partners, Winbox offers its members lucrative promotion plans. For people who just joined Winbox for the first time, there is an exciting gift waiting for them. It is a great way to welcome new joiners. 100% top up bonus which means the player can receive double deposit amount for the initial deposit. For instance, a player who tops up RM20 will receive a total of RM40. 

[DAILY SPIN BONUS] – Deposit RM30 get 1 spin that up to RM50 free credit everyday 

Next Winbox has a daily spin bonus that each player can spin up to 33 times a day! Players who make a minimum amount of RM30 could get one spin that wins up to RM50 free credit. The minimum prize amount for spin is RM5. This is one of the most recommended and popular bonuses that Winbox usually offers its members. There will be terms and conditions to be followed for sure; members can contact the Winbox customer service team to find out more.   

[SLOT GAME TURNOVER BONUS] – Deposit RM20 get spin for free credit 

This bonus applies based on turnover requirements. Players with a minimum deposit of RM20 will stand a chance to win free spins up to RM50 in free credits. As long as the player reaches 3000 turnover per day, the player is eligible to claim the spin. Each player can get up to RM3000 spins per day. Same as the previous one, terms and conditions apply.

How to register BG at Winbox

How to register bg

Winbox registration is required to participate in the fun and receive the benefits available in Big Gaming. Players can sign up for Winbox by going to its official website, or by visiting the website of one of its affiliates. You need to provide some basic information in order to register a Winbox account, such as your username, password, email address, and phone number. 

After confirming your identification, you are asked to bind your Winbox account with at least one bank to facilitate future transactions. Once that’s done, the player is done creating a Winbox account and immediately begins playing the games provided by Big Gaming. In order to comply with the legal need to gamble, the player’s age must be at least 18 years old. 

Customer Support

BG customer asupport

Given the fact that the online casino industry is on the rise, it is crucial to educate the audience on how to define a legitimate and trustworthy online casino platform that players can rely on and gamble on. One obvious way is if the platform has a customer service team.

Legitimate online casinos, including Winbox, often have a well-developed support system to handle the volume of customer inquiries. It’s normal to encounter issues or concerns while playing, but it’s crucial to seek help from reliable customer support to receive accurate and helpful solutions. Whether you have a complaint or a question, don’t hesitate to reach out to established customer support for Winbox. They are the only ones who can answer your exact questions and provide the assistance you need. Some common questions that can be solved by customer service personnel include account-related issues, payment inquiries, game rules clarification, and technical problems.

If players have any inquiries regarding deposit procedures, special deals, promotions, or other related topics, they may need assistance from customer service. 

Winbox is well-known for providing top-tier customer service in the industry, as they are always available for customer interactions and go above and beyond to provide the best service possible. Users can easily reach out to Winbox via live chat, which is one of the most important communication channels. Additionally, Winbox can be reached through a variety of social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. 



After learning more about BG, this explains why it is one of the most reputable names in the industry. Not only does it provide excellent live casino games such as Baccarat, Win 3 Cards, Bull Bull, it also provides the fun of fishing, which is also deeply loved by the majority of players.

Such platforms provide users with various avenues to access their awesome games. By partnering with Winbox, one of the largest entertainment hubs, one of the safest and most reliable online platforms, the vast experience that can be gained by playing epic games can be found on Big Gaming.

Players are reminded to take advantage of Winbox’s amazing bonuses and promotions, which are only available to its members. And, these promotions in the form of free credits can be used on Big Gaming. Stay in touch with the Winbox customer service crew who work 24/7 so you don’t miss out on any great deals.


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